How to choose a consultant.

Insuring the highest level of complete satisfaction with your custom window treatments requires some preliminary planning and research.


Once you have determined your primary needs, you will need to find a reputable consultant that can show you top-quality samples along with previous projects (including references) and has the experience, equipment and know how to fulfill your requirements.  The best consultant will: ask a lot of questions; listen to your needs; be able to thoroughly communicate an effective proposal that will accomplish your goals.


Choosing a consultant allows for accurate measurements, better color choices, and design decisions. 

To help in the communication process and give my clients the best possible options, I use a computer design program to create a detailed layout of what the finished product will look like including alternative options and pricing.  I can take a photo of your room and super-impose designs on it to give you a very realistic view of proportion, dimension, and colors.

Once you have made your choices and are ready to place your order, know that it is common for the consultant to collect a deposit.  The deposit required for my services is 75% of the total.  The balance is due upon delivery.  CUSTOM orders mean that the product is cut to specific measurements and will not necessarily fit another window, therefore, once the order is placed it is not possible to cancel the order or return the merchandise.

Set an estimated budget for your window coverings.  On the average, you can expect custom window coverings to run about $250-$350 per running foot.  That is not to say that there are products and treatments for less or for more.

Be frank with your consultant regarding your budget.  An exact figure is not necessary, but a budgeted range is very helpful.  We all want the most for our dollar.  Your consultant can help you achieve the BEST VALUE.  Be realistic.  Custom treatments are more expensive up front than ready-made treatments, but a well designed window treatment can prevent mistakes and will give you many years of lasting beauty, service, function, and value.

Custom treatments are made to last 10-15 years.  When you prorate the cost, you will find a top-quality product that gives you years of enjoyment will be a much better value than a poor-quality, low-cost alternative with a much shorter useful lifespan.

The product mix for the window covering industry is fantastic.   There are all kinds of absolutely beautiful fabrics and hardware for draperies and top treatments.